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Sacco Vase Glass 02

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One Size
  • - Sacco Vase Glass 02 in brown
    - Made by soda glass
    - Asymmetrical shapes complement the unique expressions of plants
    - The compact size makes it easy to incorporate into various interior spaces
    - The subtly varying colors contribute to creating richly inviting spaces with greenery
    - Size: W90 x D60 x H110mm

    - SACCO 玻璃造型花瓶 (啡色)
    - 不對稱的形狀,突出了不同植物細膩的形態
    - 細小的尺寸易於融入各種室內空間
    - 微妙變化的顏色配上充滿活力的植物,使室內空間更迷人
    - 呎吋: W90 x D60 x H110 mm

    Product Code 產品編號: KINVSSACC02BRX


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