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Dustproof Shoerack Cooper

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One Size
  • - Military-style, minimally designed roll-top multi-compartment storage cabinet
    - There are a total of 8 layers of storage space for storage and storage of items, which can be used as shoe racks, wardrobes or storage and use of various small objects.
    - Lightweight and durable features
    - The large pocket design on the side is convenient for storing all kinds of small things, books, newspapers and magazines at the entrance of the home.
    - The front cover can be rolled up or down depending on the indoor conditions, so that things that do not need to be exposed can be stored properly in the indoor space
    - Dimension:50 x 30 x 160 CM
    - Weight:2.2 KG
    - Total Weight Capacity : Approx. 30 KG
    - Shelf Load Capacity :Approx. 5 KG
    - Material:Iron / Polyester

    - 軍綠色捲蓋式多格收納櫃
    - 軍風十足、設計簡約
    - 共具有8層收納空間可進行物品的存放與收納,可作為鞋架、衣櫃或是各式小物的收納與使用
    - 重量輕、耐用的特性
    - 側邊的大口袋設計,便於在家門入口處存放各式小物、書報雜誌等提升便利性
    - 可視屋內狀況將前蓋捲起或放下,讓不須露出的東西可在室內空間中妥善存放
    - 輕量化設計且無須任何工具即可輕易進行組裝
    - 尺寸:50 x 30 x 160 CM
    - 重量:2.2 KG
    - 總負載能力:約 30 KG
    - 架子負載能力:約 5 KG
    - 材料:鐵 / 聚酯纖維

    Product Code 產品編號: SLOOCOPPERKHX


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