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Social Distancing Soy Wax Candle


One Size

  • Social Distancing Soy Wax Candle

    - Benfit : Relaxant, refresh mind, prevent nausea, reduce anxiety, encourage mental energy
    - The producer : TGL believes it's never too late to change, she learns to be dare but let go when it's time. Love to talk but timid. A character full of construction
    - Eucalyptus esscential oil
    - Citronella esscential oil
    - 18-20 hours burning time
    - Made in Thailand
    - 80 x 55 x 80 mm

    About Inbaan
    INBAAN is a purveyor of Thai products true to the philosophy of strengthening the mind, body, and spirit. INBAAN collaborates with local chefs to preserve and re-create Thai homemade recipes using only natural ingredients for healthy living. It also acts as a platform for different makers with the same philosophy to get more channels to show Thai high-quality products to other countries in the world..


    - 想擺脫蚊蟲叮咬,燃點 「 社交距離」大豆蠟蠟燭,與蚊蟲保持距離!
    - 功效:驅蟲,提神醒腦,有助於集中注意力。
    - 桉樹精油
    - 香茅精油
    - 泰國製造
    - 80 x 55 x 80 mm

    INBAAN是在泰國清邁於2020年疫情期間創立的品牌,致力研發及精選純天然成分的各種產品,並以增強信念、強健體魄、淨化心靈為品牌理念;而每一款INBAAN產品亦有著自己的獨特故事。INBAAN 還為具有相同理念的泰國伙伴提供一個平台,使他們獲得更多的渠道把高質素的產品展示給世界其他國家。 INBAAN帶著『振興泰國產品市場』的使命,專注於運用傳統的泰國智慧以研發及創製各款純天然、不含人工防腐劑及添加劑的新產品。我們相信食物不僅要美味,更要有積極的理念及使命,為世界帶來更多意義!

    Product Code 產品編號: INBCASOCIALYEX


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