Reminiscent Home Diffuser

  • - Include Italian leather covered nebuliser, glass cap, polished wood with nonslip sole and leather pad
    - Adjustable power controls release of fragrance
    - Suitable for any space (apartment, office, waiting rooms etc)
    - Refill essence oils can be purchased separately
    - Made in Hong Kong

    - 每套包括意大利皮革包邊化器,玻璃管,光木底座防滑底与皮
    - 可调較力度,配合不同尺寸房间
    - 适合任何空间(公寓,公室,等候室等)
    - 精油可以单独购买
    - 香港制造

    Product Code 产品编号: ESCLSDIFFUSBKX
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