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Organic Coconut Oil


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  • Avril is not just a brand of cosmetic from northern France. It has opened more than 40 stores in France.

    Organic is part of the brand DNA. Their certified organic cosmetics are approved by independent bodies Ecocert and Qualité France that guarantee that their formulas comply with the strict specifications of organic cosmetics, from raw materials to finished products. You will not find Phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicone, PEG, perfumes and synthetic dyes in their products.

    Their products don’t have any overpacking, and they encourage recyclable packaging.

    According to European legislation, they don’t do any test on animals, and over 70% of our range is vegan that is to say free from ingredients of animal origin. Finally, the majority of our products is made in France.

    Organic Coconut oil 100ml

    -Nourishing anda protective
    -Multiple uses: skin, nails, hair, beard
    -100% pure cold-pressed oil that optimally preserves the benefits of coconut oil
    -Certified organic by Ecocert
    -Vegan product
    -Packaged in France

    Use and Precaution
    It solidifies below 20 degrees. In order to use it in the oily state, immerse the tube in warm to hot water.

    A little tip: If you want an ultra-generous balm, do not overheat Avril organic coconut oil. Conversely, if you want to use it in an oily state, leave the tube a little longer in hot water or leave the tube for a few minutes on the radiator.

    Avril 是來自法國北部的天然有機品牌, 於法國開設超過40間專門店,十分受歡迎

    有機是品牌 DNA 的一部分 , 有機產品經過獨立機構Ecocert 和 Qualité France 的有機認證, 尊重有機產品的嚴格要求,保證配方符合有機產品的嚴格規範,從原材料到成品。絕不含轉基因生物改造(GMO)、對羥基苯甲酸酯(Parabens)、苯氧乙醇、納米顆粒、矽(Silicons)、聚乙二醇、合成香料和染料等或對健康有害的化學成份。

    另外,Avril 產品沒有任何過度包裝,鼓勵使用可回收包裝。根據歐洲法規,拒絕對動物進行任何測試,產品系列中有超過 70% 是純素的,也就是說不含動物源成分。大部分產品在法國製造。

    有機椰子油 100ml

    - 滋養和保護
    - 適合身體, 指甲, 頭髮及鬍鬚護理
    - 100% 純冷榨油,最佳保留椰子油的好處
    - 經法國 ECOCERT 有機認證天然有機產品
    - 純素產品
    - 法國包裝

    有機椰子油會在 20 度以下凝固。 為了在油性狀態下使用,使用之前 , 可先把它浸入溫水至熱水中

    Product Code 產品編號: AVRSKCOCONOXXX


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