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Hand Wash & Lotion - Set for 4

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  • - Hand wash and lotion set with a stone plate and logo printed
      cotton tote bag
    - Rinse off hand wash and Moist on body & hand lotion promise
      to cleanse, calm, and pamper
    - Made with natural ingredients, SLS, SLES, paraben, MIT, MT
      and mineral oil free and mineral oil free
    - No animal testing
    - Hand wash & lotion: 450ml; plate: 28cm X 12.5cm;
      tote bag: 34cm x 39cm
    - Made in HK

    - 套裝洗手露和潤手霜连石板和品牌印花纯棉帆布袋
    - Rinse off洗手露和Moist on潤手霜成分天然無添加、配方滋潤而不失
    - 天然成分制成, 不含SLS、SLES、Paraben防腐剂、MIT、MT
       和矿物油 MT和矿物油
    - 产品不经动物测试
    - 洗手露和潤手霜: 450毫; 石板:28cm X 12.5cm;
      帆布袋:34cm x 39cm
    - 香港制造

    Product Code 产品编号: ESCLSWALOSTBKW
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