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Chandelier Hoop Earrings

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One Size 均码
  • - Rectangular hoop alloy earrings with two rows of crystals
    - Tipped with black Swarovski crystals at the front and the back of the hoops
    - Hinged post fastening
    - For pierced ear
    - Length: 7.5cm; Width: 1.5cm

    - 長方环形合金耳环,串连着兩排水晶缀饰
    - 黑色施华洛世奇水晶吊坠于环形的前后
    - 铰链式耳堵
    - 佩戴须有耳洞
    - 长度: 7.5厘米; 阔度: 1.5厘米

    Product Code 产品编号:MSJERCHHOOPBKG
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